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Publication Date: June 20, 2017

Blogger publishes novel that lifts the lid on life amongst London’s super competitive mums.

The Beta Mum, Adventures In Alpha-Land by Isabella Davidson sees the Mean Girls all grown up as Mean Mums in the superrich world of west London.

The Notting Hill Yummy Mummy blogger exposes mums-behaving-badly through the eyes of Sophie, the main character, who is a fish out of water in the ‘Alpha-Land’ of the uber competitive superrich elite.

‘Sophie is a down-to-earth mum who finds herself ostracised and excluded by the other mums at the school gates,’ explains Isabella the blogger whose own blog highlights the crazy competitive world of west London parents. ‘Sophie battles with loneliness as she’s new to the UK, she hopes to make friends through her daughter’s nursery but instead she’s met with contempt. This situation isn’t limited to west London, but to any area with competitive mothers.’

The novel explores what it is to be an outsider and how women often lose their identity after having children. ‘Sophie tries hard to belong but no matter how hard she tries she’s viciously pushed aside. She begins to vent her frustration via the blog and this gives her a new sense of identity. But many of the other mothers in the book are also struggling with their own identities as well, which I think is the reason for their sometimes irrational behaviour. As women of our generation, there are heavy expectations on us to be perfect mothers, to have a career, and to have perfect children. I don’t think we have yet figured out the right balance or how to ‘have it all’ as mothers. Each of us sacrifices something in our lives during the stage of motherhood. You can perhaps ‘have it all’ but at different times of your life, not all at once.’

However the blog is ultimately Sophie’s downfall as a drunken error tells which nursery she’s been blogging about and it’s only a matter of time until Sophie’s identity as the mean blogger mum is revealed.

The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha-Land is being published by Silverwood Press this summer after Isabella Davidson started it during a 6-month Faber Academy novel writing course. It is a timely and topical novel riding on the success of the movie ‘Bad Moms,’ the TV series Motherland, and Big Little Lies all about adults-behaving-badly-around-children. A mother of two, she gained inspiration by living in west London and seeing and hearing unbelievable and farcical stories from other mums.

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